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Welcome to the Cheerleading Home Page.

Check back often for additonal information and updates.

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Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

6yr olds wearing pink to support the cause!

8th Grade Cheerleaders

Getting the crowd pumped up!

What a catch!

Jamyest also went on to the Eastbay All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

1st Grade

Our youngest cheerleaders rocking the cuteness!

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Duluth Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

  • The 2014 Season is complete. We look forward to 2015!!!!
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Cheerleading Home Page


Cheerleading Information:

Cheer Board Contacts:

EVP of Cheer - Monifa Sterdivant: msterdivant@gmail.com

VP Cheer  - Kalia Mcgee: kaliacheermom@gmail.com

League Team Mom of Cheer - Tanya Rouse:tanrouse@yahoo.com


Are you interested in being a Duluth Wildcat Cheer Coach?:

Duluth Wildcats is looking for volunteer Cheer Coaches, if you are interested in becoming a Cheer Coach please email Monifa Sterdivant at msterdivant@gmail.com for more information.


Cheerleading Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. How much is the cheerleading registration fee and what does the fee include?

 The registration fee is $TBA 1st-8th grade, $TBA K/5 years and includes the following:

• Participate in the league • Cheer uniform (shell, crop, skirt, brief) • Camp wear (shirt, shorts, ribbon) • Game Bow/ Cheer Off Bow • Pom-Poms • Cheer Sneakers • Cheer Off Fees • Cheer Off Camp • Wildcat Cheer Camp • Stunt Clinic • Insurance • GFL Fees• End of Season Trophy • Cheer Off Shirt • Spirit Pack

 2. Are there optional items for purchase?

Yes, we will also have for sale this season the following optional items: •Cheer Bag • Rain Items (Jacket) • Spirit Wear•  Warm up ( Jacket and Pants) are currently on sale now for $38.00 for Cheerleaders & Moms.

3. Are the Cheer Camps Mandatory?

We ask that all the girls attend as many of the camps and camp days as possible as it keeps them from missing important information. In the event a child is unable to attend the Stunt Clinic she will not be able to participate in Cheer Off at the end of the season, this cannot be waived, attendance is mandatory for this clinic.

4. When does practice start?

The first day of practice/camp is TBA 

 5. What will my daughter need to wear and bring to practice?

We encourage each girl to bring at least two bottles of ice cold water. Girls should wear light weight clothing preferable t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, socks and athletic sneakers.

Girls are not allowed to wear makeup, nail polish, fake nails, earrings, jeans, flip flops or sandals.

6. Do I have to come to every practice?

Yes, we ask that parents are no further than 15 minutes away from the practice area in case of an emergency.

7. How often will my child practice?

The first week of practice/camps the girls will practice Monday July 28th thru Friday August 1st from 6 pm-8 pm.

During the season practice will be as follows:

1st grade: Monday & Thursday 6:30pm-7:45 pm

2nd thru 7th grades: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6:45 pm- 8:00 pm

8th grade Monday, Tuesday  & Thursday times TBA** If there are two 8th grade football teams the 8th grade girls will practice only two nights a week due to Tuesday night games.

8. My child changed their mind, how do I get a refund?

DYFCA has a strict no refund policy. Refunds will not be given in any case.

10. In addition to registration, will I have to pay anything else?

Yes, each squad is also required to raise funds to help cover team expenses. This is handled through either fundraisers or a flat-fee opt out program. Finally, all parents, grandparents, siblings, and visitors are required to pay an admission fee to each game.

9. How old does my daughter have to be in order to cheer

In order to be a Duluth Youth Wildcat Cheerleader your daughter must be enrolled in Kindergarten ( and be at least 5 years of age) thru 8th grade for the 2015 school year.

10. Does my daughter have to attend a uniform fitting?

Yes, both new and returning cheerleaders attendance at least one uniform fitting is mandatory. The girls will be fitted for camp wear, cheer uniforms and shoes for the 2015 season. We will have 2 fittings this season.

11. How does DYFCA contribute to help make Cheer Off a success?

Each girl will be asked to sell three GFL Cheer Off raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each. The raffle takes place at Cheer Off with a chance to win great prizes. We also ask our parents, families, friends and supporters to purchases Cheer Off Shirts. Orders for these shirts can be placed at registration. Cheer Off Shirts for Moms, Dads, Familey, Friends  & Fans are currently on sale for $TBA each and sizes 2XX and up are $TBA.


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